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What Will I Achieve?
  • To acquire an understanding of bookkeeping and accounting in business
  • To understand the bookkeeping procedures and determine their accuracy.
  • To understand how to keep the required accounting records for audit and tax purposes To prepare the income statement and business balance sheet

Curriculum For This Course
11 Lessons 00:58:10 Hours
Certificate in Accounting Administration
11 Lessons 00:58:10 Hours
  • CBA-Part 1Introduction 00:05:14
  • CBA-Part2 00:04:02
  • CBA-Part3 00:04:23
  • CBA-Part4 00:05:29
  • CBA-Part5 00:05:30
  • CBA-Part6 00:04:27
  • CBA-Part7 00:09:48
  • CBA-Part8 00:06:22
  • CBA-Part9 00:11:29
  • Review 00:01:26
  • Certificate in Bookkeeping & Accounting
  • Upon completion the student will have acquired a working knowledge of bookkeeping procedures and operations of the accounting process in a medium sized organization.
  • The successful student will be issued a Certificate in Bookkeeping and Accounting upon satisfactory completion of an assessment of knowledge and application ability.
  • This certification also provides a foundation for further skills development with working experience and studies.
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Bookkeeping and accounting are the major parts of the control system of an organization to manage business transactions and their data as well tracking the finances of the various activities. Insufficient or improper bookkeeping and accounting are contribution to weak company controls, increase in errors and even potentially fraudulent activities and abuse of authority by senior employees.

In today’s environment the bookkeeping and accounting function is driven by accounting software. As a result, the general appreciation of the bookkeeping features and rationale is minimal. This poor appreciation, over time, may manifest into loss of understanding of accounting data and the control process as it is now in some organizations.

The bookkeeping and accounting course is a program designed to build an understanding of the control process in business as well as a set of practice procedures for bookkeeping activities, regardless of the use of accounting software.

Besides this, in many lesser developed environments, small and medium sized businesses are created everyday to conduct business activities of their owner - entrepreneurs. For many of these companies, bookkeeping operations is necessary to help track the business financial condition as well as compliance with tax regulations of the country.

Therefore, a working knowledge or bookkeeping and accounting becomes a crucial skill and help secure employment as an accounting staff or an accounting service provider to a small business such as a beauty salon or a mini-market.

In this context, the learning and acquiring of a working knowledge and skills in bookkeeping at ANZ Institute gives the learner an added advantage for alternative employment as well as an understanding of business control in a larger organization for the non – accounting person.

This is a value-adding skill to have, particularly for someone preparing for self - employment in the SME sector where there are more opportunities than in a larger technologically - driven organization.

Target Audience :-
  • Executives and graduates from non accounting disciplines seeking employment opportunities in the commercial sector.
  • Working executives seeking career advancement to middle management positions in their organizations
Entrepreneurs and business owners who wish administer their businesses in a more efficient way and able to communicate with their banking executives and financial advisors.

What am I going to get from this course?
  • Self-paced online learning through the ANZI learning management system (6 months)
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