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Client Charter – ANZI vision and mission

The ANZI is a work - based learning organization leveraging on the global electronic networks to deliver education and skills development that will improve individual economic well-being and the progress of societies across the world.

It dedicates its activities to the reduction of global poverty through education and skills development in the best efficient ways possible thereby contributing to the development of fruitful and peaceful coexistence among various parts of our global society.

Client Charter – ANZI and its operations

In line with ANZI vision and mission we promise to –
  • Always remember our vision and mission
  • Improve our activities to serve our audience better.
  • Remove or reduce any hindrance to higher education.
  • Encourage learning and promote skills acquisition.
  • Acknowledge our audience and serve them without discrimination.
  • Make on-going improvements of our processes and procedures.
  • Practice good governance and transparency with responsibility.
  • Promote and create recognition of ANZI and its virtual learning courses.

The ANZI faculty members are drawn from the academia, the professions and industry experts with commercial and management experiences. This combination of knowledge, industry experiences and professional expertise is recreated for work- based learning and skills development.