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The ANZI is a training and human capital development organization. Its main objective is to develop work- based skills to enhance capabilities at work and improving career prospects. Its current registered learners are from banks, and financial institutions, industrial corporations and commercial enterprises across the SE Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

ANZI collaborates with partner institutions across the region including the Mongolian Banking and Finance Academy, Cambodian Microfinance Association, University of Science Malaysia and Taylor’s University.
ANZI Online works best in Mozilla, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari browsers. It is now also accessible through mobile devices such as smart phones & tablets.
  • Visit http://www.anzlms.com and click the ‘SIGN UP’ button on the top right corner.
  • Complete the sign - up process and submit. An activation link will be sent to your email address.
Currently all ANZI courses are executive learning and development programs. There are no special pre - requisites to undertake the courses other than the basic proficiency in English. Most working executives have the ability to complete the courses within the six - month period.
Once the learner is enrolled, he or she can commence learning by accessing the learning website at any time.
Each course should be completed within six months from the date of confirmation of enrolment. Any extension of time may be granted on special request and subject to conditions. There is also no time limit for each log in session.
Busy executives need flexibility instead of rigid class room schedules and loss of time thorough travelling. The ANZI learning courses have the flexibility for the learner to access learning at anytime and anywhere. In this way the six – month time allotted is sufficient with some personal time arrangements.
The ANZI course materials are self - sufficient for the purpose of each course to enable practical knowledge acquisition. The learner is also encouraged to obtain additional learning materials from various sources as part of active and on-going learning.
Immediately upon completion of the learning assessment the ANZI will notify you of your success. ANZI will issue an E- Certificate bearing a unique serial number within 2 weeks to confirm your learning achievement. A record of this E – Certificate is immediately created and will be accessible on the ANZI website for verification purposes.
The learner must achieve a minimum of 70% of the total assessment score to qualify for a certificate of learning achievement. The learning and assessment is conducted independently by the ANZI Learning Management System.
  • A learning assessment is important for the learner to know how much understanding and knowledge has been acquired during the learning of the subject or course. Without an assessment one can never ascertain how much knowledge and understanding has been achieved. Most employers supporting the staff learning would also like to know how much learning has been achieved by the staff.
  • The assessment for each course is conducted through a number of multiple choice questions to be answered within 120 minutes. The learner will select the most appropriate answers to the questions during the time.
  • There are no penalties for wrong choices or unanswered questions.
  • If the learner fails to achieve a satisfactory score, he or she can sign up for another assessment session without any fees so long it is within the six months enrolment period.
ANZI online courses are structured and designed based on work requirements and are delivered online. All learning materials are selected for their applicability at work and these are accessible at our Learning Management System found at WWW.ANZILMS.COM.
If you have questions about an MCQ, assignment, course content, or online LMS issue, you can always email to us at [email protected]. A response will be received by the learner within 24 hours.
Current ANZI courses are designed for developing and improving knowledge and skills for the work place. Each course of learning has been designed to address everyday work issues, answer questions and decision-making requirements. The academic component and the theoretical treatment of concepts and ideas are minimized. While these are useful, their relevance at work is not immediate. The learner can always learn more of the concepts and theories as he or she progresses on the job. 
ANZI also works with collaboration partners to improve and ensure minimum standards and good practices in our learning design, content and delivery.
  • No. ANZI courses are work- based courses and are not accredited or recognized for higher education purposes by any universities or colleges. The certificates of learning issued by the ANZI serves as evidence of learning and the learning achievement by the learner, and it may serve as a basis for career change or a job advancement by the employer organization.
  • ANZI online courses are designed by its Panel of Subject Matter Experts with knowledge and technical qualifications, field experiences and complemented by their teaching or coaching abilities. Some Panel members are nominated by our collaboration partners.
  • All learning assessments are designed and reviewed by the ANZI Assessment Committee from time to time. The examination and assessment are then administered independently and randomly by the ANZI Learning Management System.
ANZI course fees are affordable for the working executive. The standard fee for each course is USD150 inclusive of assessment and issue of an e-certificate. The learning materials are accessible from the ANZI website once the enrolment procedures are completed. There are no extra charges or additional expenses from the ANZI thereafter.
  • At ANZI all learning courses are aimed at developing knowledge and the ability to improve or execute one’s work activities in the company or work place. Less relevant learning can be acquired at a later time. In this way it saves valuable time for the learner.
  • The online learning is flexible and efficient. Learning can be accessed online or loaded for offline learning. Learning can be at any time – while waiting for a bus home, to during weekends. It can be learning at the office or at home or anywhere outside.
  • Learning online is no longer tied to the classroom, college campus or the company training room. For a large organization with many branches and country wide staff, online learning enables all the staff to acquire knowledge and learning at the same time without some starting earlier than others. This also avoids the expense of large number of staff travelling to the central location for training.
  • Learning at ANZI is affordable, flexible and it comes with a formal assessment of learning.