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Work Skills Developement

The world has shifted from the traditional economy to the knowledge economy. This transformation introduced new dimensions in the society and these newly emerged circumstances cannot be handled by using the bygone knowledge and techniques. Today we have a world that is advanced in every manner; and we are continuously transforming our lives by the advent of new knowledge and technologies. As someone said, “In this competitive world only the fittest can survive.” This transformation of the techniques and methods haunts the unskilled or inadequately skilled persons. Skills to earn a meaningful life are necessary human capital for the individual. Insufficient or a lack of human capital today places the person on the side-line of mainstream society.

Skill development plays a crucial role for the individual employee to be relevant in the transformed world and to thrive in the competitive environment. Growing unemployment is a major issue in the world today and every person is rightly worried about his or her job, especially with uncertain global economic conditions, and the coming of Artificial Intelligence and robotic technologies. Today and in the future organizations would recruit only the skilled and talented individuals for higher efficiency and productivity. Organizations will continue to invest in human capital, but only for a select few. Many others will have to develop their own human capital to stay competitive in the workplace. Without sufficient and updated knowledge and skills for the workplace, the individual has limited or no human capital, and is therefore at risk of being made redundant.

ANZ Institute acknowledges the changing expectations and trends of the workplace and the labour market. Its mission is to provide opportunities to individuals to build and enhance personal human capital for the individual seeking to stay economically viable, and relevant to his or her employer organization with ANZI skill development programs. The ANZI courses are developed for the workplace by practicing professional managers and are made accessible to almost anyone quickly through the worldwide web at an affordable cost.

For an organization with a human capital development plan or strategy, the ANZ Institute would work as its human capital development partner providing these skills courses via e-learning access as an efficient and economic approach to build skills and talents in the organization.