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What Will I Learn?
  • Credit officers who market and process all business and corporate loans
  • Financial executives in the investment and securities environment
  • To assess the financial reporting environment and its risk
  • To conduct a financial review and analysis of corporate financial results
  • To provide an opinion of financial condition in support of financial judgement
  • To conduct an assessment of business and financial plans for decision making purposes

Curriculum For This Course
22 Lessons 02:31:45 Hours
Financial Analysis : Study Material
22 Lessons 02:31:45 Hours
  • CFA - Introduction 00:01:30
  • CFA - Module 1A 00:09:00
  • CFA - Module 1B 00:03:57
  • CFA - Module 2A 00:07:07
  • CFA - Module 2B 00:08:23
  • CFA - Module 3 00:08:41
  • CFA - Module 4A 00:06:22
  • CFA - Module 4B 00:04:59
  • CFA - Module 5 00:08:01
  • CFA - Module 6 00:08:31
  • CFA - Module 7 00:07:28
  • CFA - Module 8A 00:05:51
  • CFA - Module 8B 00:06:25
  • CFA - Module 9A 00:05:08
  • CFA - Module 9B 00:07:57
  • CFA - Module 10 00:06:56
  • CFA - Module 11 00:08:34
  • CFA - Module 10 00:06:56
  • CFA - Module 11 00:08:34
  • CFA - Module 12A 00:08:18
  • CFA - Module 12B 00:10:58
  • Learning Review 00:02:09
  • Upon completion participants would be able to analyse financial data from financial statements, implications of creative accounting and the accounting standards, forms of analysis, and evaluation of financial forecasts and financial risks.
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Financial analysis is the process of evaluating business proposals, projects, budgets and other finance-related entities to determine their performances and economic viability. Typically, financial analysis is conducted to determine whether an entity is stable, solvent, liquid or profitable enough to warrant a monetary investment.This is particularly important in credit risk evaluation and loan approval process in a bank or financial institution. For bank officers employed in banking institutions, financial analytical skills are key requirements for front lien banking operations.

Financial analysis covers the assessment of business profitability and returns on investment, the financial risk structure and asset management of a business corporation. The outcome of an exercise of financial analysis is then applied to formulate business plans and forecasts for the future.The bank officer would then be able to make appropriate loan recommendations. The financial analysis work is a set of continuous and regular activities in financial institutions, investment houses as well as in the finance departments of the large corporations.

Financial statement analysis, on the other hand, is a subset of the whole body of business analysis of an organization and its business performance. It covers an assessment of the financial statements and plans of the business as well as its past performance and financial condition. While this is an integral part of financial analysis, there is more analysis work beyond the financial report.

This financial assessment skills area crucial skill for executives working in the banking and financial services industry. It is also invaluable in a range of business and investment decisions and the ability to conduct financial analysis is a strategic skill in corporate business and management. It requires both sound knowledge of basic finance and a critical thinking mindset. The financial analytical skills gained here at ANZ Institute are therefore essential for a banking career as well as for the pursuit of entrepreneurial ambition and corporate success.

Delivery Method :- 
Self-paced online learning through the ANZI learning management system (6 months) Assessment.

Online assessment 
Certificate of attainment awarded for achieving satisfactory score

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