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  • The staff who is nominated to take the assessment will go online upon receipt of a login password. The assessment is online and upon completion the results are emailed to the authorised officer at the financial institution’s human resource department for further action.
  • For the purpose of integrity, we recommended that this exercise be conducted at the premise of the bank or financial institution and with a senior staff member from a non – credit function as an invigilator.
  • An independent summary report and recommendation on the scores attained will be issued subsequently.
  • A certificate of achievement will be issued on successful achievement of minimum score

Curriculum For This Course
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  • The content of this Credit & Lending Challenge is a semi – formal exercise to assess the knowledge and skills expected for the credit staff who are mainly involved in loan analysis, structuring and credit monitoring roles. The exercise is basically to identify the staff’s capacity in the understanding of credit risk assessment, knowledge of credit and loan structuring ability.
  • The exercise is practice - oriented across the essential knowledge base and for common business and industry environment. It is not academic and theoretical but driven towards real-life practice in the business environment.
  • The staff participant will participate in the exercise by answering a series of between 80 to 100 questions covering credit assessment knowledge, loan structuring and financial analysis for lending purposes within a stipulated time of about 120 minutes under controlled conditions. A score is obtained and rated for bank management review.
  • A score level above 80% will reflect expert understanding and capacity for credit and lending responsibilities. A score between 50% to 80% reflects satisfactory understanding and capacity with selective improvements recommended. Scores under 50% strongly suggest further skills development. For effective discharge of credit management responsibilities, a score of over 50% would be expected.
  • The assessment would cover knowledge and understanding of – 1. Business credit risk identification 2. Business credit risk assessment 3. Business loan lending and structuring 4. Determination of borrower’s requirements 5. Analysis of revenue and business performance 6. Analysis of financial and cash flow condition 7. Developing and evaluating of financial forecasts
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1. Financial institutions constantly evolve from their inception and have various training activities to build capacity and talents over time. Through the years credit skills and talents have undoubtedly improve in the financial institution. At the same time new staff are recruited while older staff retires or leave the institution.

It is also noteworthy that the skills and talents may have also been changed depending on the dynamics of the business, staff recruitment policies and credit training activities. It is common that the skills and talents within the institution change because of new staff recruited other banks and institutions who come with different experiences and skills. At the same time trained and experiences credit officers may also have left for other organizations causing a loss of skills and talents.

The Credit & Lending Challenge is a specially designed process to assure the bank management of the level of credit knowledge and skills of those employees in the credit function. Those experienced staff may have a different level of knowledge and skills. While staff with good capabilities may not have been recognized for their knowledge and skills for career advancement.

The Credit & Lending Challenge is an opportunity for a bank’s management to independently assess the credit skills and talent of their credit executives across marketing and lending, credit risk assessment, loan monitoring and internal audit roles. This shall be part of operational skills risk assurance for loan asset management.
Course Content
1. Financial organizations with credit and lending functions have a substantial number of staff engaged in credit - related activities which require a good level of knowledge and skills. In some organizations these staff comprise as high as 20% of the total staff force. Those directly involved in business credit analysis and SME loan structuring functions must have a better level of knowledge and skills than others such as those staff in car and housing loan processing. 

2. Staff in monitoring and control roles such as internal auditors also need to have a good measure of understanding of credit and financial analytics to carry out their work responsibly.
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